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LOOK: Barbie Hsu stuns netizens with youthful looks!

The “Meteor Garden” actress haven't aged one bit.

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

7/29/2019 in News
LOOK: Barbie Hsu stuns netizens with youthful looks!

It seems like Taiwanese star Barbie Hsu never aged!

Nearly 16 years after she first dominated our TV screens as  Dong Shan Cai in the original “Meteor Garden,”  Barbie continues to mesmerize us with her ageless beauty. Last July 17, a Facebook fan page named Kyeopta Chingu Updates gave us nostalgic feels after sharing photos of a now 42-year old Barbie, who looked as youthful as she was back then.

Isn’t that just the ultimate throwback? We couldn’t help but think back on the days when “Meteor Garden” and F4 fever hit the country by storm. 

Earlier this year, Jerry Yan, who played as Dao Ming Si in the original series, reenacted the iconic and painful breakup scene in the program with the new Shan Cai, Shen Yue. 



A post shared by Jerry Yan Indonesia (@jerryyanindo) on


Now, we are all hoping to see Barbie and Jerry recreate the same sequence! That will surely be a hit among their fans, don’t you think? 

After starring in “Meteor Garden,” Barbie appeared in several other shows before settling down. She married Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei in 2010.

She gave birth to a daughter in 2014 and a son in 2016.

The original “Meteor Garden” aired on ABS-CBN in 2003 and was one of the top-rating shows during those times. Its Chinese reboot was also shown in the network last year. 

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