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10 things you need to know about Maja and Rambo's relationship

Bakit nga ba "Siops" ang tawagan nina Rambo and Maja 9 years ago?

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/28/2019 in News
10 things you need to know about Maja and Rambo's relationship

For the first time ever, Maja Salvador and Rambo Nunez have put a spotlight on their relationship!

On Maja's latest vlog uploaded yesterday, July 27, we finally got a glimpse of what this celebrity couple's relationship is really like, all thanks to the the blessed Boyfriend Tag. 

The "The Killer Bride" actress came prepared with questions beforehand, which Rambo had to answer to prove just how much he knew his girlfriend.

We listed down some of the cutest things we learned from the pair and we're sure you'll get why these two are a match made in heaven:

1. Rambo was attracted to Maja the first time he saw her! 



The two first met when they saw each other at a Sarah Geronimo concert. Rambo then admitted that the more time he spent with her that evening, the more he started to fall for her.   

2. They called each other "Siops" 9 years ago!

Siops as in short for Siopao! According to Maja, they both had chubby cheeks way back when they first met. Ang cute!!!

3. Rambo can read Maja's feelings through her eyes! 



Couples have their own unique way of understanding eqch other even if it is just through gestures. For Rambo and Maja, their eyes speak hold the truth. ❤

4. He still knows Maja's favorite restaurant from 9 years ago! 

Rambo confessed that his thoughts would always return to Maja whenever he ate or even just pass by her favorite restaurant. He even joked that he felt hungry for their "memories" every single time!

5. "Sukob" is Rambo's favorite film of Maja's!



He said he watched the horror flick even before he met Maja. 😂


6. Rambo's first gift for Maja was a desktop computer!

Well, technically it was flowers, but the first official gift is a desktop—which was, unfortunately, sold when they broke up 9 years ago. LOL!



7. Rambo isn’t a fan of Maja’s workaholic tendencies

Rambo revealed that if there was one thing about Maja that makes him angry, it’s her workaholic tendencies. It seems as though the actress occasionally gets a major case of burnout from work. Pahi-pahinga rin kasi, Maj!

8. Maja fell in love with Rambo because of these three reasons!

He's very driven, he deals with people well, and he makes her happy like no one else can. And because she loves him so much, she still laughs even at his corniest jokes. Iba talaga nagagawa ng pag-ibig! 😂

9. Rambo believes in soulmates!



This relationship is living proof of destiny: how two people found each other again even after nine years of being apart? That’s magic. 

10. Maja and Rambo will NEVER ever break up again! 

Breaking up again is a big "no" for this couple. Sure, they'll face a lot of challenges in their relationship, but everything they learned in those years they weren't together will help them survive all the struggles. HAY SANA ALL! 😭❤

Watch the full vlog here:


Maja last topbilled the 2018 Black Sheep-produced film "To Love Some Buddy" alongside Zanjoe Marudo. She will also lead the upcoming primetime series "The Killer Bride" with Geoff Eigenmann, Janella Salvador, and Joshua Garcia.

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