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Meet Lilo, Andi's second daughter!

Andi just gave birth to another cute daughter!

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

7/27/2019 in News
Meet Lilo, Andi's second daughter!

Actress Andi Eigenmann and champion surfer Philmar Alipayo just welcomed their new daughter! 

In an Instagram post today, July 27, the actress shared her new baby's first photo and finally revealed her name. 

“On the 23rd day of July 2019, at 1:27PM, we met the newest member of our tribe. We decided to call her, Keliana Alohi Eigenmann Alipayo, or just Lilo. 🤗,” she wrote.



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In a previous post yesterday, July 26, Andi revealed that she opted to deliver her baby under cesarean section operation during the 39th week of her pregnancy.

“One day into week 39 of my pregnancy: I came to a decision of going for another C-section operation, in order to bring my second child into this world. Having gone through this process before didn’t make anything easier or less scary (especially because this was not how I had thought my second birth story would be). But with these two (plus the rest of my family) by my side through everything, it was easier to trust that everything will be alright. True enough, birth is beautiful no matter how it happens,” she wrote.

The actress also expressed how happy and grateful she is for their family’s new bundle of joy.

“I couldn’t be any more grateful that our baby girl came out healthy and safe. I realise now that it’s what matters most. Just got back home from the hospital and we are already missing the comfort of having people around us to help. Nevertheless we are super excited and happy to take on this new chapter of our lives with our newborn baby girl 🤗,” she continued. 



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Andi, who took a break from the showbiz limelight, met Philmar during a surfing competition in Siargao. 

The couple are planning to finally settle in the island destination upon the completion of their house there. 

We're so happy for you, Andi and Philmar!

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