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‘PBB Otso:’ Fumiya Sankai, pasok na sa Big Night!

Our Kunichi-Wonder takes his slot as a potential Big Winner!

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

7/18/2019 in News
‘PBB Otso:’ Fumiya Sankai, pasok na sa Big Night!

Japanese vlogger Fumiya Sankai is now in the running to be the “Pinoy Big Brother: Otso” Big Winner!

During the program’s episode last night, July 17, a poll was opened to determine the fifth housemate who will be taking part in this season’s Big Night. 

A challenge was set by Big Brother among the remaining housemates, making all batch finalists battle one another. The winning group, which is composed of adult housemates Fumiya and couple Andre Brouilette and Lou Yanong, secured the spot to the finals.

Fans were then given the chance to choose who will get the fifth spot. Fumiya secured a seat after garnering over 62 percent of the total votes, followed by Lou with 31 percent and Andre with 6 percent. 

He joined the first four batch winners, including his “spiritual brother” Yamyam Gucong, Lie Reposposa, Ashley del Mundo, and Kiara Takahashi.

More surprises are expected to come as three more seats remain up for grabs before the season’s upcoming finale this August.

Before his return to the show, Fumiya starred in the Kapamilya sitcom “Home Sweetie Home: Extra Sweet,” with fellow housemate Yamyam. 

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