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LOOK: ‘PBB’ sweetheart Jinri Park is now engaged!

Jinri Park and non-showbiz boyfriend are tying the knot!

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

7/16/2019 in News
LOOK: ‘PBB’ sweetheart Jinri Park is now engaged!

Former “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7” housemate Jinri Park is now engaged to her non-showbiz boyfriend!

In a vlog posted yesterday, July 15, the Korean actress finally introduced her boyfriend, John, to the public.

Jinri, who was flying from Australia, revealed the good news, saying, “Guess what? I’m engaged!”

She also showed her sapphire engagement ring, describing it as “nice and unique.”

In an Instagram post today, July 16, the actress thanked everyone who sent well-wishes.

“Thank you to everyone who sent their blessings to me and John! I’ve realized that the generic phrase ‘you just know’ when you ask couples ‘how did you know he’s the one?’ is so true. Everything just seems right and you have absolutely no doubt. That’s when you know he’s the one. The universe will make it happen in the most unexpected time and place.” she wrote.



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A Filipino who grew up in Australia, John first met the actress through their mutual friends. When asked about his first impression of her, he said, “Beautiful. She had a very good aura, which is what I liked, which is how we connected.”

“I took her to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and to the Opera House. I knew I was attracted to her when we were just talking on a park bench, just normal talk. I just wanted to get to know her,” he shared.

“Once I started talking to her, I knew we had similarities and we get along well, which is [why we’re] working so well,” John continued.

The couple is yet to share details about their wedding, but we can’t wait to find out more!

Jinri was a celebrity housemate on “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7” which aired from 2016 until 2017. 

Congratulations, Jinri and John!

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