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Iñigo, friends pa rin with Maris!

Iñigo: “We’re okay honestly, we’re not in bad terms.”

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

7/1/2019 in News
Iñigo, friends pa rin with Maris!

Iñigo Pascual and Maris Racal are still friends!

During the launch of his first internationally-produced single entitled “Options” last June 28, Iñigo revealed that he still has a good relationship with the actress in spite of their recent decision to pursue different paths. 

“We’re good! Were friends, I know a lot of things happening when I was away when I’m out the country and [these are] inevitable questions so, we have to answer. We’re okay honestly, we’re not in bad terms,” he said. 

The actor explained that they continue to support each other’s projects. 

“Before I left for the United States, before I left for the whole radio tour in the States, she messaged me saying, ‘Congratulations and good luck!’ and it meant a lot to me, to be supported by your friends, it meant a lot,” he shared.

“For me the fact that she supports what I am doing and I’m also supportive of what she’s doing, I think that’s the most important thing with our friendship,” he continued. 

As for staying in the United States for good and saying goodbye to his local showbiz career, Inigo had this to say, “I’m not saying that I’m leaving the Philippines. I think hindi mangyayari ‘yun. I was just representing our country as a Filipino and I should never be ashamed of that and we should be proud of it.”

“Hindi po ‘yun mawawala. I have a movie coming up, I’m still working for some endorsements here. It’s not [like] I’m migrating to the States,” he added.

Iñigo is a mainstay in “ASAP Natin ‘To.” He also starred in the 2015 flick “Crazy Beautiful You.”

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