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LOOK: Liza Soberano, to undergo surgery for bone infection

Here’s the real reason why Liza Soberano is still in Los Angeles

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

6/6/2019 in News
LOOK: Liza Soberano, to undergo surgery for bone infection

Liza Soberano is taking some time off.

The actress has been keeping a low profile the past few weeks and in an Instagram update last night, June 5, she revealed why: she’s been getting treatment from her hand injury in Los Angeles and actually underwent surgery to remove her corrective plates. However, during the operation, her doctors discovered a bone infection and she’ll have to stay in the United States until she recovers.



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She explained, “No one is to blame for the infection it just happens sometimes. So now I’m taking antibiotics through a PICC line on my left arm. As soon as my infection is clear, I will have my second (and possibly third) surgery. That's pretty much it. I just want to thank my Tita Joni (Lyn Castillo), my managers and ABS-CBN for taking good care of me all throughout this process. LizQuens and Liza supporters, thank you for all the get well soon messages. I love and miss all of you!! Please keep me in your prayers.”

Liza first went public with her injury back in April as she pulled out of her starring role in the upcoming Jerrold Tarog reboot of “Darna.” She obtained the injury during a stunt on the set of her hit television series “Bagani.”

Her latest big screen outing was in the Black Sheep-produced romantic drama “Alone/Together”.

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