'Anak' Supercut: 3 of Vilma and Claudine’s most heartbreaking moments

"Kung hindi mo ako kayang ituring bilang isang ina, respetuhin mo man lang ako bilang isang tao!" Remember this classic line?

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

'Anak' Supercut: 3 of Vilma and Claudine’s most heartbreaking moments

If there could be one movie from the early 2000s that people can still vividly remember, then it's most likely going to be the family drama "Anak".

Starring two of the greatest actresses of all time, Vilma Santos and Claudine Barretto, it gave us some of the most iconic lines we've ever seen on the big screen, along with a relatable and heartbreaking OFW story that, if we do say so ourselves, aged amazingly.

And today, we list down three of the most heartbreaking moments between Josie and Carla, whose mother-daughter relationship crushed our hearts forever and made this movie the timeless classic that it is.

1. When Carla got into a physical fight with Josie in front of her shady friends

The first time na naglayas si Carla to live with her “friends”, Josie attempted to bring her back home. It led to an intense fight where Carla hit her mom. Josie’s reaction, crying out her guilt and hurt, still makes us all teary-eyed to this day.

2. When Josie saw drunk Carla on the alley

Who can forget this scene when Josie found her passed out, nearly lifeless daughter in an alley and begged for her to come home and quit all her life-ruining vices? Ang sakit eh!

3. That epic, last confrontation between Josie and Carla

Even though Josie might have been in possession of the longest fuse ever, she had her breaking point when Carla went full bastos na bata on her. We felt her pain and we cheered her on as she reminded her daughter of every single sacrifice she made for the sake of her family, sacrifices Carla took for granted. Aminin mong memorize mo ‘to! Iconic.

You can watch the supercut here:

Here are more clips from the movie:

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