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LOOK: Aga Muhlach is building a new home!

“This project kasi is being built by the four of us now. It's different.”

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

6/27/2019 in News
LOOK: Aga Muhlach is building a new home!

Aga Muhlach has started a new home-building project, this time, with his wife Charlene Gonzalez and children Andres and Atasha.

During a press interview, the actor revealed that he has begun drawing up plans for a new house with his family. 

He explained, "Parang ‘yung old house namin in Alabang also is nakalumaan na. They wanted something new, so sabi ko, 'Let's build!'”

Since the start of his acting career, the 80s matinee idol had put up several properties, with his Alabang house as the first one. He also built a house with Charlene in Batangas. 

"And then we had kids, then we got a place in the States,” he continued.

When asked about his children’s participation in this new project, he said, "Sabi namin, 'Why not?' Because the kids are teenagers now. They're turning 18 this year, so they're part of that."

This is a special project for Aga, as it will be the very first home the Muhlachs will build as a family.

He enthused, "Anyway, this project kasi is being built by the four of us now. It's different."

He further shared that building houses has always been one of his interests. 

“If I had the funds, if only I had the funds, siguro I'd be a big developer. That was my dream really. Noon pa. I really love to build and build and build,” he shared.

As the construction have already started, Aga will most likely spend majority of his time on site. He also sees this new project as an opportunity to bond more with his children.

"If people don't see me around, that means I'm just busy at the site," he said, "Now that my kids are with me, it's easier to build and it's fun. We hang out and we talk about it all the time. Even when we travel, we talk about the house."

The actor starred in the 2017 family drama “Seven Sundays,” and the 2018 romance drama “First Love.”

Congratulations on your family project, Aga!

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