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COMPILED: Andi, Dani, Mariel, Georgina + more pregnancy updates from the showbiz world!

These actresses are expected to give birth sometime this year!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/25/2019 in News
COMPILED: Andi, Dani, Mariel, Georgina + more pregnancy updates from the showbiz world!

We're officially out of the first half of 2019, and it's safe to say that it held nothing but good news in terms of the pregnant mommies department.

These celebrities are expecting to give birth very soon, some in the latter part of the year, some as first-time moms! Here's a rundown of all the latest updates about your favorite pregnant celebrities:

1. Andi Eigenmann



A post shared by Andi Eigenmann (@andieigengirl) on


Now at 35 weeks, Andi is expected to give birth to another baby girl next month. She was also recently spotted having a baby shower last weekend with her surfer champion partner Philmar Alipayo, daughter Ellie, and her closest family members and friends.

2. Camille Prats



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Now on the 36th week of her pregnancy journey, the 34-year-old actress is about to give birth to her fourth child, a baby boy, with husband VJ Yambao.   

3. Chynna Ortaleza



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Yup, Chynna's husband Kean Cipriano will finally get his “junior”. The actress revealed on Instagram last May that they'll be having a baby boy. At this point in her pregnancy, Chynna revealed that she's been experiencing crazy cravings amidst having a rare big appetite. 

4. Dani Barretto



A post shared by Dani Barretto-Panlilio (@danibarretto) on



A post shared by Dani Barretto-Panlilio (@danibarretto) on




It may have taken quite some time for Dani to publicize her pregnancy, but the newlywed actress assured that all is well with her future child with Xavi Panlilio. She also recently shared a sonogram of the little Barretto, although the gender is yet to be known!


5. Georgina Wilson



A post shared by Georgina Wilson💋 (@ilovegeorgina) on



Georgina, being the extra It Girl as we know her, revealed her second child to be a boy last June 22 in a very casual manner. Yup, she and Arthur Burnand are having another adobo-loving baby boy, coming right up!

6. Gwen Zamora



Taking it all in 💙 #29weeks

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In spite of being on the 32nd week of her pregnancy, Gwen has been pretty much living her life under the sun. The actress had been frequenting beaches and resorts with husband David Semerad, all while keeping their first child's safety as a top priority.

They even created an Instagram for their baby boy, who they will name Cooper!

7. Mariel Padilla



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Mariel announced her pregnancy on Mother's Day, and it has been a pretty sensitive ride for her since. She is now taking heparin to prevent a miscarriage or the premature birth of their future baby which she calls Baby Surprise. How cute is that? ❤️️

8. Saab Magalona



A post shared by Saab Magalona-Bacarro (@saabmagalona) on



Yes, adorable Baby Pancho is becoming a Kuya after Saab revealed last June 21 that she and husband Jim Bacarro are having yet another baby boy. There's gonna be another Pancho to make the world better, and we just can't wait to meet him!

Congratulations, 'rents and we can't wait to see your little ones! ❤️️ 

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