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Remember Angeli Gonzales of 'Luv U'? She's a DOCTOR now!

“Kaya ako nag-doctor para sa mga pasyente ko…”

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/21/2019 in News
Remember Angeli Gonzales of 'Luv U'? She's a DOCTOR now!

Angeli Gonzales, who is best known for her role as April on the teen sitcom "Luv U", is now a doctor!

The former teen actress took to Facebook yesterday, June 20, to share her journey towards earning a medical degree. It has since gone viral. 

According to Angeli, many questioned her decision to pursue medicine in spite of her stable career as an actress.

“Bakit nag-doctor ka pa, eh artista ka na?” she wrote in the caption.

Parang everyday ko ata naririnig yan,” she continued, “Pabiro kong sinasagot, 'Hindi ko nga rin po alam. Mali-mali ata desisyon ko sa buhay!' Minsan joke, minsan totoo. Mahirap daw kasi mag-aral ng Med. Minsan, gusto ko sabihin, 'Hoy! Mahirap din mag-artista ha!'"

She continued, "My journey was certainly an interesting one. Sino ba naman kasi talaga ang nag-expect na magdo-doctor talaga ako? Gusto ko lang sabihin na it wasn’t me or it wasn’t just me. It was the collective experiences I had that made me who I am today."

She couldn’t have done this alone, Angeli made that clear. She thanked her parents for playing a huge role in helping her juggle school and her acting career.

"First of all, even while I was an actor growing up, my parents placed the utmost importance on my education. Sila talaga ang dapat hangaan because of how they handled everything and how they raised me. I didn’t have a lot of teleseryes or movies because they only scheduled tapings and shoots during the weekends. May weekdays man, after school pa. Suwerte lang din siguro talaga ako because my family didn’t depend on my career for a living,” she explained. 

She also took the time to thank the “understanding” people she has worked with on all her acting gigs. 

"Kung suwerte lang din naman, suwerte rin ako sa mga naka-trabaho ko sa ABS-CBN," she enthused. 

"From 'MTB,' 'Home Along da Riles,' 'MMK,' 'Wansapanataym,' 'Luv U,' and 'Got to Believe,' the cast and the production [crew] of every show I worked with understood that I had dreams outside of showbiz at lahat talaga sila inintindi kapag kailangan late call time ko kasi may pasok ako or kapag kailangan early pack-up ako kasi may exams ako the next day." 



A post shared by Angeli Gonzales (@kayeangelii) on




A post shared by Angeli Gonzales (@kayeangelii) on


"Thank you to all the people I’ve worked with before. My stint in showbiz taught me how to be confident, to be strong, and to be independent. All the experiences I had as an actress made me strong - strong enough to hold back tears, smile, and be the rock when my patients need me to be. Thank you din kasi afford ko mag-Med dahil sa pinasweldo niyo sa akin. Hahaha!" she joked.

Angeli, now a 25-year-old doctor, also put a spotlight on her schoolmates, friends, and of course, her family, who have been a source of support throughout her journey. She ended her post by listing all the reasons why she chose to stay and pursue medicine. 

"So, bakit nga ba ako nag-doctor? Hindi ko talaga alam," she admitted. 

"Some days it was a constant struggle to stay in the hospital and work, knowing what I turned my back on. Although showbiz is emotionally, mentally and physically draining as well, the financial aspect of the job more than made up for the lack of sleep and invasion of privacy. Whereas, being a doctor meant I still had to slave away for many more years to come without the accompanying benefits." 

"On most days, however, there were little snippets of this job that made me stay."

"From getting called ‘doctora’ by my patients kahit di pa naman talaga, the kilig of holding an instrument for the first time, the yabang of being able to do something right multiple times, to being commended by my seniors, to the ‘med school wouldn’t be the same without you’ lines of my classmates and to the gratitude and smiles of my patients - all these moments made it all worth it."  



A post shared by Angeli Gonzales (@kayeangelii) on



A post shared by Angeli Gonzales (@kayeangelii) on


"The harder the experience, the more it humbled me. This is my 'why'," she revealed. 

"Cliché, pero 'yun ang totoo. Kaya ako nag-doctor para sa mga pasyente ko. I wanted to become a doctor for my future patients. And I consider myself lucky because I am able to pursue a dream that may be key for other people to be able to pursue their own."

Prior to being a doctor, Angeli is also a Registered Medical Technologist (RMT). She recently graduated as an Outstanding Clinical Clerk, Family and Community Medicine, with a Special Citation for Academic Excellence.

Congratulations, Doc Gonzales! 

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