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Julia has the juiciest answers to Erich's intriguing 'True or False' challenge

Julia on her heart's state right now: “I'm in love with the peace I have recently”

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/2/2019 in News
Julia has the juiciest answers to Erich's intriguing 'True or False' challenge

Julia Barretto got caught off guard as she sat down with Erich Gonzales to take on the "True or False" challenge. 

On Erich's vlog yesterday, June 1, the "Between Maybes" star went on a spontaneous interview with questions that range from cutesy trivia about her, to deeper and more serious ones she never saw coming.  

Their very laidback chat started with Erich asking some basic questions like her having ugly feet, being a hoarder, or whether she's a clingy person and the type to be attracted to smart people - which she all answered honestly. 

But the real deal happened when they tackled heart-to-heart questions that involved love and relationships.


When asked if she wants to get married before 30, Julia answered that she does want to get married although she kind of "fears" it. But according to her, she's looking forward to have kids the most as she has always dreamt of becoming a mom. How cute! 

Julia also said "true" if it's easy for her to fall in love but definitely a "false" for being accused as a heartbreaker.


"Wow! False 'yan!" she answered. "'Yan kasi ang palaging tingin sa'kin ng mga tao, ako 'yung palaging nananakit when in fact, ako palagi ang nasasaktan," she revealed.

"Ako when I love, I love 100%. I love with all my heart, with all my might. Totoo akong magmahal. Tapos kahit sinasaktan ako, forgive [lang] at tsaka [I give] chance." she explained. "Pero lahat kasi ng tao, may hangganan tayong lahat. Kaya minsan 'pag sinasaktan ako at patuloy pa ring sinasaktan, sa'kin na nanggagaling na, please 'wag mo akong sagarin."

Since she has loved and forgiven, does that mean that she has trust issues? Julia didn't deny and answered "true".


"May crack na siya, eh. And no matter how much you fight for things to be the same again, minsan makakalimutan mo siya for a while, pero everyday battle siya nang battle sa heart mo. When you've been betrayed, everyday battle 'yan," she said.

With so much "hugot" coming from the actress, the question is: Is Julia in love right now? And while she hesitated to answer "true", she said she's in love with the peace she has recently.


"It doesn't have to be a person na you're in love [with], I'm just in love with the peace that I have," she said. 

She explained, "We all go through a phase na you lose your peace kasi may mga nakakasama ka na hindi mo alam na 'yun na pala 'yung nagdi-disturb ng peace mo. There are some toxic people that you still entertain in the hopes na sana, hindi siya 'yung nagdi-disturb ng peace mo. It takes a lot of strength and courage to acknowledge that fact. Sometimes you gotta choose 'yung pang-matagalan, [for] your own good, na nakabubuti sa soul mo."

"But now, I have peace. And it's been good at work, it's been good with my friendship with people, and my relationship with my family," she happily admitted.


And after everything that happened in her life, she's very much happy to say that she's all in a better place now.

"For a while kasi, hindi na ako myself. So now, I'm in love with the person that I am. With what I found," she enthused.

You can watch the full vlog here:


Julia starred in the Black Sheep-produced film "Between Maybes" alongside Gerald Anderson last May.

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