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3 fun facts you need to know about the 'Hello, Love, Goodbye' teaser

The #HelloLoveGoodbye team hiked an entire day just to get that last shot in the teaser! 😱💪

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/16/2019 in News
3 fun facts you need to know about the 'Hello, Love, Goodbye' teaser

We know you feel the same way when we say that we're still on a high from the teaser and poster reveal of "Hello, Love, Goodbye".

So if you're just like us who couldn't get enough, you’re in for a treat because Star Cinema producer Leo Garcia shared some trivia about the teaser on Instagram yesterday, June 15.

With these fun facts you’ll definitely be even more amazed at the teaser!

Joy's (Kathryn Bernardo) death-defying shot from the teaser was actually inspired by a real-life experience of a Filipina domestic helper. While cleaning windows, she saw a fantastic view of the city and took a shot. The photo she took won her a photography award from National Geographic!


The scene where Joy (Kathryn) and Ethan (Alden Richards) were by the harbor wasn't supposedly the original location - they ended up there because of the heavy rains. Thank god it did - just look how beautiful the scene is!


It took Kathryn, Alden, and Direk Cathy the ENTIRE day to hike up the summit shown in the last part of the teaser. They even had to adjust their shooting schedule because Direk Cathy really wanted to film the location.


Who else is getting pretty hyped for the movie? We know you can't wait any longer but for now, let's rewatch the teaser here:

"Hello, Love, Goodbye" is helmbed by blockbuster director Cathy Garcia-Molina. It also stars Maymay Entrata, Joross Gamboa, Kakai Bautista, and Lovely Abella and is slated for release on July 31!

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