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PHOTOS: Dani Barretto proudly shows off her baby bump!

Dani Barretto and Xavi Panlilio are expecting their first child!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin
- 6/13/2019 in Photos

Dani Barretto is pregnant!

The celebrity vlogger made the announcement on Instagram yesterday, June 12, as she posed in a dazzling black evening gown with her little baby bump.



A post shared by Dani Barretto-Panlilio (@danibarretto) on


"My inspiration and my purpose," she wrote in the caption. 

"You changed my life in so many beautiful ways. I never thought this kind of happiness was even possible."

She continued, "In a few months, you will be the most delicate treasure we will ever hold in our arms, and there will be nothing more fragile in the whole world. For countless days, and nights we will always look down on you and be reminded of all the love that the three of us will forever share."

Dani's husband Xavi Panlilio also expressed how delighted he is for all the blessings that have come their way since they met each other. 

He wrote in an Instagram post, “The past few months have been a rollercoaster of excitement. Meeting you gave me butterflies, a proposal had us hold our breath, a wedding gave us all the love and joy to fill a lifetime, and what’s to come is what will piece it all together."

Xavi ended his post with a message to his child, "Mommy and daddy love you.”

We compiled all of Dani's photos from last night in the gallery above. If you want to see more of her baby bump (and we know you want to), browse away!

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