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IN PHOTOS: The Star Magic Catalogue 2019 is finally here!

Star Magic celebrates its 27th anniversary with a special catalogue!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 6/12/2019 in Photos

The Star Magic Catalogue 2019 is now out!

In celebration of the agency's 27th year, Star Magic released a one-of-a-kind catalogue featuring your favorite Star Magic artists in photographs like you've never seen them before. The artists have then teased their photos through their Instagram accounts, and yup, we've done the job for you: we've gathered them one by one all for your viewing pleasure!

Prior to the catalogue, Star Magic also released a number of documentaries and retrospectives which captures the journey of the artists from their humble beginnings up to the stars they are today. The agency also unveiled its freshest batch of Star Magic talents last month.

So, enjoy browsing the gallery above and see your favorite stars in their most glamorous shots! You can also watch the three-part making of the catalogue here:

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