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WATCH: Get abs like Erich Gonzales!

Erich after one set: "Thank you so much for today, Coach!" 😂

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/30/2019 in News
WATCH: Get abs like Erich Gonzales!

Erich Gonzales has shared her ultimate secret to maintaining her abs!

In her latest vlog last May 24, the actress shared some simple ab workouts you can cop, be it at home, at the gym, or anywhere you feel like getting fit. She was accompanied by celebrity trainer, Coach Ferdie Laforteza.

Her set included leg raises, crunches, Russian twists, scissors, mountain climbers, and jack knives, with 15 reps each.

And while Erich might just have one of the most beautiful bodies we know, she is just like the rest of us, struggling to get through each of her workout sets. The actress couldn’t help but ocasionally complain about how painful her exercises are, blurting out “ay, ginoo!" from time to time. Relate na relate kami, eh! 😂

Watch her vlog here:

Erich appeared in a number of Star Cinema movies including "Once A Princess" in 2014, "Suddenly It's Magic" and "Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang" in 2012, "I Do" in 2010, and "Love Me Again" in 2009.

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