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LOOK: Kelsey Merritt, Conor Dwyer marks first anniversary!

It's been a year since Kelsey and Conor's iconic Costa Rica vacation!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/28/2019 in News
LOOK: Kelsey Merritt, Conor Dwyer marks first anniversary!

Kelsey Merritt and Conor Dwyer are celebrating their first anniversary!

In a series of throwback photos she uploaded last May 26, the Filipina-American model took the time to show appreciation for her two-time gold medalist Olympian boyfriend. It's been a year since they met through mutual friends during a vacation in Costa Rica. That vacation caught headlines as they were joined by "Vampire Diaries" star Nina Dobrev.

In the caption Kelsey wrote, "[I] can’t believe it’s now a year since I met Conor Dwyer. It’s been an amazing one...best year of my life with you. 😘"



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Of course, Conor had the cutest reply to Kelsey's greeting, saying, "Best year ever, Kels. ❤️ Mahal kita!!"

This couple first publicized their relationship in August 2018 after going on a Japan trip together. Since then, they have been going on vacations together, getting all cutesy in their photos, and making us all envious of their envy-worthy relationship. Just how perfect can these two be for each other? ❤

Kelsey is the first-ever Filipina to grace the famous Victoria's Secret runway in December last year. She also made history as the 2019 Swimsuit Rookie for Sports Illustrated.

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