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5 things you need to see from Heart Evangelista's jaw-dropping walk-in closet

Did we just see a walk-in closet or a mini boutique?

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/28/2019 in News
5 things you need to see from Heart Evangelista's jaw-dropping walk-in closet

It's official: Heart Evangelista has the closet of our dreams.

Last May 23, Heart finally gave us a much-awaited tour of her drool-worthy walk-in closet. We still can't get over how iconic the whole thing turned out to be, so we listed down five of the most jaw-dropping moments in the 20-minute video, which she shared in her Youtube channel.

1. She has the most ~extra~ staircase! Upon entering the dreamy closet, we saw a plush pink carpet laid on a flight of stairs with gold-painted twig-style railings. The walls leading up to the main door were also decorated by framed Hermès scarves "she never uses anymore". Yup! Heart is Heart, everybody, Heart is Heart.


2. She has a secret compartment for stuffed toys!

Heart might just be one of the classiest women we know but she still is a child at heart. Just below her Mark Bumgarner and Chanel dresses, she has a small, top-secret compartment which houses all the stuffed toys from her childhood. Heart says she is planning to give her "prized possessions" to her future children.


3. She has a massive collection of high heels!

Heart calls this area her "most favorite" and for good reason. If we had four-tiered shelves for our shoe collection, it would be our favorite too. According to the actress, she accumulated all her high heels in a 21-year period. She loves them so much that she even wears heels to go grocery shopping. Iba siya, guys, ibang-iba!


4. She has a whole shelf of Hermès bags!


While we all know that Heart has a special place in her heart for priceless Hermès bags, we didn't know that she an entire shelf solely dedicated for her collection. And yes, she is in possession of the much-coveted Himalayan Birkin. It's confirmed: if we could switch lives with any person in the world, it would be Heart.

5. It's a closet, a living room, an office, and a vanity area in one!

Whatever it is that Heart plans to accomplish for the day, from dressing up to painting to planning world domination wearing head to toe Chanel, she can do it in her closet. It's so complete and well thought out that she can practically live in there (we're not kidding!).


Heart starred a number of Star Cinema films in the early 2000s including 2001's "Trip", 2002's "Jologs", 2003 films "My First Romance" and "Ang Tanging Ina", and 2004's "Bcuz Of U".

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