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Matteo Guidicelli, isang buwan mawawala for military training!

Matteo will join the real "heroes of our country" in Bulacan this month!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

5/17/2019 in News
Matteo Guidicelli, isang buwan mawawala for military training!

Matteo Guidicelli is heading to Camp Tecson in Bulacan to begin his training with the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The actor’s revelation comes a month after he publicly announced that he had joined the military as part of the army reserve force. He will be gone for 45 days, he said in a recent interview with Push, from May 27 to July 1 to train with Scout Rangers.

He said, “A few months back, [I met people from] sky diving [and they] were rangers, people from the military and I got close with them sabi ko, ‘How can I be like you?’ These people are all heroes, people know about their efforts but not really. These guys are heroes of our country, these guys serve our country.”

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He continued, “We have hundreds of soldiers who died for our country and sabi ko, ‘a civilian like me, how can I help, how can I show importance to soldiers, how can I show importance to Filipino soldiers?’ So ayun, dahan-dahan, every day, a new opportunity came.”

According to Matteo, he’s always had the urge to become a soldier, dating all the way back to his college days in the United States.

He revealed, “Back when I was in college, I was always walking to my dorm. Sa America kasi, mayroong mga booths [na may] ‘Join the Military’ [signs] and I was tempted to go inside, but I never had the courage to do so…[but] this is my advocacy, [to remind] the Filipino youth to be proud to be Filipino, to look at the flag and say ‘I’m Pinoy’ and to proud to be Filipino.”

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Stay safe, Matteo!

Matteo appeared in the 2017 romantic comedy “Can’t Help Falling in Love” topbilled by Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

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