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LOOK: Kathryn Bernardo’s beauty evolution!

Baby Kathryn’s journey to being a woman will melt your heart 😍

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim
- 5/11/2019 in Photos

Kathryn Bernardo has been one of our great beauty inspirations as of late, and here she is proving that she’s been just this beautiful since day one.

In a special Facebook post recently shared by Andrea Arsenio, a fan of Kathryn’s love team with Daniel Padilla, we see Kathryn’s evolution from being a bouncing baby girl, to her child star “Super Inggo” days, to her flowering teenage years, to finally, her full transformation as a grown woman. We see her go through multiple changes and multiple hairstyles (LOL!) but here’s the ringer: her smile and her aura of grace and adorableness never changed. No matter how much success she’s seen, Kathryn is still that sweet, cute, cheeky girl we all know and love.

You can see her evolution in the gallery above!

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