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Toni Gonzaga on balancing family and career: 'Am I giving enough of myself?'

Yup, even Toni Gonzaga sometimes feels like she “isn’t enough” #relate

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

5/10/2019 in News
Toni Gonzaga on balancing family and career: 'Am I giving enough of myself?'

In spite of all her success, Toni Gonzaga still has the most relatable experiences with motherhood.

The actress-host was on a “Paano Ba ‘To” episode on Bianca Gonzalez’ Youtube channel recently and the two working moms shared some tips to other mothers who juggle the same responsibilities as them: a successful career, a husband who needs attention, and children who need raising.

As always, Toni started things off with complete honesty.

She said, “I guess, ‘pag working mom ka, feeling ko it’s a work in progress, hindi mo alam kung na-perfect mo na ba, kung nakuha mo na ba ‘yung balance. [I always ask myself] am I giving enough time in every aspect na meron ako sa life ko?”

“I actually don’t know how to balance it,” she admitted. “But I just ask my husband, I look at my son. Sila ‘yung tatanungin mo, eh, ‘Am I giving enough of myself?’ If my work will get five yes-es, my family should get equal yes-es. Yes to spending time with them, yes to a movie with your husband, yes to going out with the family, yes to malling.”

What she lacks in time, however, Toni makes up for with utter selflessness. She doesn’t get a lot of me time, she revealed, and the only thing she really does for herself is to get her hair done and to read one book every week.

She explained, “Feeling ko ‘yung me time ko na lang ‘pag nagpapa-roots ako ng hair, mga once in three months. Kasi ‘yung me time ko sa banyo na nagbabasa ako, minsan papasok pa si Seve...tapos uupo siya sa lap, tapos ‘yung husband mo papasok magto-tooth brush. [Paul says,] ‘Well what can you do, Tin, we’re all here.’”

Towards the end of the video, Toni doled out her best and ultimate advice: just do your best.

She said, “Gagawin mo lang ‘yung best mo talaga and you cannot compare yourself to [other moms]. Just look at your own journey as a mom and what’s important is you see that your husband is happy, your kid is happy, that’s more important than what other people are going to say about how you handle your family.”

Watch the vlog here:

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