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PHOTOS: 'PBB Otso' Big Four reunite with former housemates!

The "PBB" Otso reunion was chaos (and we lived for it)

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim
- 4/5/2019 in Photos

The "Pinoy Big Brother: Otso" adult Big Four Lou Yanong, Andre Brouillette, Yamyam Gucong, and Fumiya Sankai are back in the outside world!

They appeared in front of members of the press at the Star Hunt Grand Media Conference last April 3, following two conferences of former housemates and Star Dreamers including Shawntel Cruz, Thea Rizaldo, Abi Kassem, Apey Obera, Tori Garcia, JC Gamez, Wakim Regalado, Mitch Talao, twins Kim and Kin Franco, Mary Grace Lagos, Mark Obera, Hanie Jarrar, and Camille Sandel.

All of Kuya's "adult kids" had the chance to reunite when the event wrapped and it was absolute chaos in the best way possible. 'Yung chaos na alam mong sobrang close talaga sila! There was hugging, screaming, and selfies, and we documented all of it in the gallery above. Happy browsing!

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