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Does LouDre 'regret' their controversial first kiss?

Andre: "I wanted to save it"

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/4/2019 in News
Does LouDre 'regret' their controversial first kiss?

Although we've seen Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette's relationship develop during their stint as "Pinoy Big Brother: Otso" housemates, we still have some significant ~questions~ about their romance (all of them burning) and in the Star Hunt Grand Media Conference last night, April 3, they fearlessly answered all of them.

First off, they addressed their controversial first kiss which had their former housemates Mark Obera, JC Gamez, Yamyam Gucong, Fumiya Sankai, and Mary Grace Lagos (and what felt like the rest of the world) extremely shook. According to the pair, they both wished they could have "waited" for a more special occasion for this big milestone.

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Andre told the press, "I believe the first kiss should be very special and when it comes to love, love is amazing and it should be treated amazingly. So, that was definitely something I wanted to save, the first kiss, for when we're boyfriend and girlfriend. But when alcohol's involved and you misjudge tolerance, you do things you may regret. So I believe, the first kiss should have been saved for the right time."

He continued, "I wanted to keep it. I don't regret that it happened because we learned so much from it and other people were able to learn so much from it as well. But, I wanted to save it."

"For both of us, it wasn't a big deal," Lou added, "But we wanted to save the first kiss, we wanted it to be romantic but sa pagiging big deal niya, it's just that we didn't consider...kasi in that house we were just us, we're a family, we're being ourselves. So, para sa akin, hindi lang po namin na-consider noong time na 'yun, since we were intoxicated, na may mga batang nanonood and na-realize na lang namin the next day na 'yung mga choices namin, and the decisions we made, we really have to think about them...I don't regret the kiss but, siguro, the place and everything."

As for continuing their relationship outside of Kuya's famous yellow house, LouDre are both gunning for something long-term and are confident that they can make it work, even under the glare of their new-found fame.

Andre enthused, "I mean it when I say it, I absolutely love Lou and I care about her a lot. The things I tell Lou, they're honest and that honesty is a good foundation. And staying true to ourselves, I know now, life on the outside is a lot different, with media influencing...but we're not going let any of that change who we are and our relationship."

He pressed, "The whole time [we were inside the house] we were being ourselves with each other. That bond we were able to make, I believe, is what will keep us going on the outside."

What's your take on LouDre's relationship? Sound off in the comments section down below!

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