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PHOTOS: The latest news from the set of ‘Block Z’!

Plus: a new behind-the-scenes teaser photo!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/24/2019 in News
PHOTOS: The latest news from the set of ‘Block Z’!

"Eerie" director Mikhail Red went on an “Ask Mikhail” spree and blessed us with insider information about his cast for the much-anticipated zombie thriller "Block Z"!

In a series of Instagram Stories yesterday, April 23, Direk Mikhail entertained some questions regarding his upcoming film, especially about his working experience with the talented actors and actresses on his set. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos!

Direk Mikhail described Julia as someone who's a freakin' badass, and is completely dedicated to her craft.

One of the netizens asked if Direk can helm an acting piece for Joshua Garcia next, where he confidently answered that "Block Z" is already an acting piece on its own. He said he’d also be very happy to work with JoshLia in another project in the future!

Direk Mikhail revealed that Maris Racal’s character is named Erika. As for her presence at work, he described Maris as very approachable, witty, charming, and charismatic. Well, Maris 'yan, eh!

McCoy De Leon’s character is Myles and he’s got awesome scenes we all need to watch out for. Direk Mikhail is so impressed with him that he said he'd 100% work with him again if given the chance. Yes, please!

According to Direk Mikhail, Ina Raymundo is an intense, highly motivated actress yet very sweet behind the camera. A great addition to Team “Block Z”!

Every action scene is instantly fun since Ian Veneracion is already a tried and true action star. But off-cam, he's a very cool, hip, and friendly guy, or so says Direk Mikhail.

Dimples Romana might be busy with her television series "Kadenang Ginto," but Direk Mikhail assured fans that you’d never be able to tell from her performance in "Block Z". He described her as someone who's very bubbly, intuitive, and focused when it comes to her craft.

Plus, here's a bonus: A new BTS photo from the set!

How excited are you about another masterpiece from Direk Mikhail? We wanna hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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