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LOOK: Andi Eigenmann shows off stretch marks in new pregnancy update!

Plus: new photos from Andi’s maternity shoot!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/24/2019 in News
LOOK: Andi Eigenmann shows off stretch marks in new pregnancy update!

Andi Eigenmann just got real about her pregnancy.

The actress opened up about her journey in an Instagram update last night, April 23, lifting the veil for her followers to see the not-so-glamorous side of growing a human being.

She wrote, “Been having a lot of fun getting dolled up for pregnancy shoots with the fam but posting this as a reminder that this is what I'll always be about. Being so close to hitting the third trimester, pregnancy has been feeling more real than ever— not sleeping well, muscles all sore, experiencing all sorts of discomfort and just feeling grosser (than I have always been)!”



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According to Andi, she’s “relapsed” after committing to a healthier lifestyle for her child, presumably going back to unhealthy eating habits. She revealed, “ALSO, I totally relapsed. A bit disappointed in myself for that, NOT because of how I look now but because 1. I let myself down. I promised to continue on with my holistic approach to fitness and nutrition as soon as morning sickness left my body and 2. I am letting my baby down.”

“These changes in our body are completely normal— all the cellulite, sagging butt, flabby arms, and the chubby bunny-esque face is something I’d welcome and accept (just like my stretch marks) if they had come regardless of the hard work I've been putting to staying healthy in order to take care of myself and the baby— BUT I HAVEN’T. So mama, if you are going through the same thing, know that this is very normal, and/but it is up to us start making things better for us! it’s never too late! WE CAN DO THIS,” she pressed.

Andi also shared photos from her official maternity shoot. See them here:



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We’re sending you love and wishing you good luck, Andi!

Andi first announced her pregnancy through Instagram last February 1. It will be her first child with surfer boyfriend Philmar Alipayo and her second daughter. She gave birth to the beautiful Ellie back in 2011.

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