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Here's the story behind Anne and Erwan's iconic Coachella 2010 'hug' photo

Remember this viral photo of Erwan and Anne back in 2010?

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/22/2019 in News
Here's the story behind Anne and Erwan's iconic Coachella 2010 'hug' photo

Even before Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis got married, the couple has always been one of our ultimate #RelationshipGoals - and today, we are looking back on the photo that started much of our shipping.

In celebration of the end of Coachella's second weekend, Anne threw it all the way back to 2010, one of the very first times she and her now-husband attended the music festival together.

The photo of Erwan comforting a crying Anne made quite the big splash online that year and yesterday, April 21, Anne finally explained the real story behind their relationship's first taste of being a viral sensation.



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According to Anne, she was supposed to watch the musical duo She & Him live for the first time, but unfortunately missed their performance due to traffic.

"Story behind this photo - Coachella. 2010. I was so excited to watch @sheandhim live for the first time. I am a huge fan. Traffic was horrendous and I decided to get out of the car and sprint my way across the grounds to the outdoor theatre just to make it. When I got there, they had JUST finished their performance," she wrote.

It was in that moment that Anne found comfort in Erwan's arms.

"I was devasted and this is how he found me - in tears. He gave me a hug, comforted me and it helped and I felt so loved (even without him telling me he loved me yet )."

"And now, after nine years and now as my husband, I still get that kind of hugs and IT IS ENOUGH to make all well...no matter what I’m dealing with in life."

She continued, "I guess I’m getting all mushy and wanted to make an appreciation post for my husband who put up with my whiny baby-ness this whole trip. Je t’aime mon amour."

"As you told me this morning, as you hugged me again, I’ve never been loved this much before and it’s true and I will eternally be grateful to the Lord for sending you to me. Here’s to more of those kind of hugs and adventures together..."

Although the two missed this year's Coachella, Anne assured that she wouldn't wanna be anywhere else but Erwan's side (haaay!!! ).

She enthused, "We may have missed out on Coachella but Yosemite and having the best wine in Napa was worth it and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Here’s to celebrating love and I hope you, who took the time to read this, find that one person (if you haven’t yet) who can give you 'that ' kind of hugs! Happy Easter, everybody!"

You are indeed a one lucky girl Anne.

Erwan and Anne spent their Holy Week break in California along with Solenn Heussaff and her hubby Nico Bolzico.

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