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LOOK: Liza Soberano’s adorable baby photos!

Bata pa lang, drop dead gorgeous na si Liza Soberano!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim
- 4/17/2019 in Photos

Yup, Liza Soberano has always been this level of beautiful.

Thanks to a Facebook fan page dedicated to her on-screen partnership with boyfriend Enrique Gil, we’ve come into contact with an album full of Liza’s amazing baby photos and it’s pretty much the best thing that happened to us today.

In the gallery above, you’ll see all 30 of them compiled, photos that range from Liza’s time as a toddler, hiding in kitchen cabinets, to her totally, completely, heart-meltingly cute pre-teen photos with her siblings. You’re completely not prepared for all this adorableness, we know we weren’t.

Happy browsing, everyone!

Liza last appeared in the Antoinette Jadaone blockbuster hit “Alone/Together”. She is slated to star in an upcoming television series and a new movie after her withdrawal from the much-anticipated Jerrold Tarog reboot of “Darna” due to a hand injury.

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