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IN PHOTOS: Michelle Madrigal’s beautiful Texas wedding!

We can’t get enough of Michelle and Troy’s lovely wedding!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim
- 4/16/2019 in Photos

Michelle Madrigal is now married!

The former actress got hitched to her long-time partner Troy Woolfolk last Sunday, April 14, in Austin, Texas where they are based. The couple hired Nice Print Photography for their wedding photos and they turned out as amazingly as they always do when NP’s concerned. What we have is a collection of moments from their beautiful and simple little wedding, full of love and friends and happiness.

Michelle’s family was in attendance, her sister, actress Ehra and her mom Kate were glowing! Michelle and Troy’s daughter Anika, who was born in 2017, also looked amazing. Speaking of amazing: Michelle’s wedding dress. It is a complete and total knockout—it shows off her built physique, her toned back, and arms—and is amazingly detailed. A dream.

Browse through photos from the wedding in the gallery above!

Michelle appeared in the Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby-topbilled “My Big Love” and the horror-comedy “D’Anothers.”

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