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Zia Quizon opens up about eating disorder: ‘It hurts’

Zia Quizon is suffering from body dysmorphia

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3/9/2019 in News
 Zia Quizon opens up about eating disorder: ‘It hurts’

Zia Quizon has opened up about her diagnosis with Body Dysmorphic Disorder in a recent Instagram update. 



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According to the singer, hurtful comments and insults about the physical appearance about her “beloved” Robin Nievera, pushed her to open the doors to her own struggles with body image. She shared, “I suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder— amongst other diagnoses…I wake up everyday feeling like I am the ugliest person on the face of the earth. So it helps me to focus on the fact that, ultimately, looks are not so important. As much as I concede to the evidence supporting the notion that good-looking people do incur some sort of advantage in life just for being attractive. That’s life, too. But it will never be as important to me as being a good person.”

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She continued, “But here is where you come in, Social Media. Here is where I post a picture of my beloved and all some people can comment on is how they dislike his physical appearance. The painful part is not when it comes from strangers, but people in your life. People you have let in, trusted, and are occasionally vulnerable with. ‘Friends.’ ‘Family.’ People who tell you they support you all the way, but cannot seem to control their need to chip you down about your flaws in front of others. I can do that thing where I pretend it doesn't bother me and I am above it and better than that. But I am not. Maybe one day.”

The singer also asked people to start respecting her boundaries. She wrote, “It hurts. It sincerely f***s with me. Seriously. Enough to have to talk to my doctors or my therapists and sometimes enough to have to switch around medication. I am not telling you to stop coming to instagram for the primary purpose of judging others, if that is the joy you get from it. Follow your joy, man. Go right ahead. Just please... keep me out of it.”

Zia, daughter to Zsa Zsa Padilla and comedy legend Dolphy, shot to fame in the 2010s with hits like “Ako Na Lang” and “Dear Lonely” before pulling away from the spotlight. She made a comeback in 2017. 

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