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Kiko Estrada, tatlong taon dumanas ng depression?

Kiko Estrada: "The pressure ate me up..."

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño

3/8/2019 in News
Kiko Estrada, tatlong taon dumanas ng depression?

Kiko Estrada opened up about the struggles he had to endure when he was younger.

On his interview on "Tonight with Boy Abunda" yesterday, March 7, the new Kapamilya actor admitted that he almost lost reasons to live.

"I quit school. I wanted to act," Kiko shared. "I was throwing myself into character. I have to be good. And that ate me up. The pressure ate me up."

Kiko admitted that he hid his depression from his mother, "I wanted her not to think of anything when it comes to me."

When asked on how he overcame the darkest phase of his life, Kiko said, "I pray. Everyday. And of course I met someone who showed me purity and hope in all this chaos."

Kiko met his girlfriend Devon Seron in an acting workshop a long time ago before they made more connections in the movie "Walwal".

"In ‘Walwal’ we formed this rapport that made us closer to each other. I courted her for about three months, and now we're dating. Exclusive of course."

Addressing Devon's impact on him as a person, Kiko stressed, "She's hope for me to be a better person. She's hope for me to reach my dreams."

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