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4 of the most INTENSE 'Pinoy Big Brother' teen fights!

There has been some drama between the teen housemates through the years.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/7/2019 in News
4 of the most INTENSE 'Pinoy Big Brother' teen fights!

"Pinoy Big Brother" has given us some of the most intense fights we've seen on television. Who can forget Beatriz Saw's legendary "ACT YOUR AGE, MARICRIS"? Some adult housemates are known for their short fuses and high emotions, but teen housemates? Hindi rin sila nagpapatalo sa labanan!

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It's not all hearts and sunshine with our teen housemates. Through the years, there have been explosive fights and hurtful words, and yes, may slight shame that we enjoy watching it so much but, you know, who doesn't love drama? Below are four of the most intense fights in "PBB teens history!

1. Bret Jackson vs. the Pinoys

We are always thankful for "Teen Clash 2010" as it gave us some of the biggest names in showbiz today from Bret Jackson to James Reid, as well as Ryan Bang, Patrick Sugui, and Joe Vargas. A few weeks after it began airing, a fight erupted between the Pinoy housemates vs. the Teenternationals as the two groups competed for a spot in Kuya's Big Four. That fight? Gave us this iconic video of Bret crying out of sheer confusion and it is an absolute gem. 

2. Maymay Entrata vs. Heaven Peralejo

Before Maymay Entrata found international fame, she was among Kuya's teen housemates in "Lucky Season 7" who was getting fed up with all the big jealous energy floating around the house. Heaven Peralejo was involved, so were Marco Gallo, Vivoree Esclito, and Edward Barber (the man who would go on to be her on-screen partner). Hindi naman magjo-jowa, nagse-selosan. Drama, drama, drama. 

3. Jane Oineza vs. Loisa Andalio

Jane Oineza, Loisa Andalio, and Joshua Garcia's epic love triangle was a hot issue back in 2014 when "All In" was airing. Their confrontation over dinner was the height of absolute drama, and  Loisa's no-nonsense pranka attitude? Iconic. 

4. Marco Gallo vs. Christian Morones

Marco and Christian butted heads a few times in "Lucky Season 7". It all began when Marco spilled water on Christian during a task as a joke. Things escalated quite a bit and a shouting match ensued. Edward tried facilitating a reconciliation but, umm, it didn't work. 

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