'Always Be My Maybe' Supercut: Gerald and Arci are unlikely soulmates!

This is what happens when a babaero falls in love with a viral internet sensation.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

'Always Be My Maybe' Supercut: Gerald and Arci are unlikely soulmates!

This is a fact: "Always Be My Maybe" is and will always be one of the great love stories of our time. 

Released back in 2016, it was Gerald Anderson and Arci Munoz's first film together and it became an unexpected hit because first of all, it's completely and utterly hilarious. A rich, hot playboy who is the epitome of the "men are trash" movement falling for a disaster makeup artist who went viral because of her breakup makeup tutorial? Walang part diyan sa premise na 'yan na hindi nakakatawa. 

And second of all, Tintin and Jake's relationship is so ideal to so many of us. Who doesn't want a "friends-to-lovers" love story? Who doesn't want to be as hot as Tintin? Who doesn't want to meet a man who kills anay for a living and have a full-on inuman sesh with him on the beach? That's right, no one. So in light of our obvious obsession with this Dan Villegas masterpiece, here's the "Always Be My Maybe" supercut, fresh out the oven!

You can watch more clips from the movie here:

Arci and Gerald reunited in the 2017 romantic comedy "Can We Still Be Friends?"

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