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'PBB Otso': 5 Fumiya Sankai vlogs you need to watch

Fumiya: "There's a lot of Filipinos with different personality but I really love how cheerful and positive they are!"

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño

3/6/2019 in News
'PBB Otso': 5 Fumiya Sankai vlogs you need to watch

Fumiya Sankai’s a mixture of innocence, charm, and everything nice. Our mothers love him, the millennials want to be like him, and even before his "Pinoy Big Brother" days, our favorite Japanese boy on Philippine TV has already won the hearts of his followers and made thousands of viewers laugh through his vlogs on his Youtube channel.

And for the past days, the Konichi-Wonder Vlogger of Japan has made us cry buckets of tears with his friendship with fellow housemate Yamyam Gucong.


This made us compile some of his most adorable and must-watch vlogs to heal your heart (in case you've got trauma from the FumiYam breakup) and bring you more good vibes! 

1. Let's dance with Fumiya!

Get back your energy and shake off that lazy feeling with this original song from Fumiya!

2. Fumiya met the K-Pop group Twice!

Just like most of us, the 23-year-old vlogger is into Korean girl groups as well!

"I used to watch them (Twice) on YouTube so I really felt excited seeing them live," Fumiya said in his vlog. "I thought Twice do really exist!"

Aww! My thoughts exactly! ❤️

3. Fumiya did a Christmas concert!

More and more Filipino fans fell for his personality when he unleashed his inner Gary Valenciano to sing "Pasko Na Sinta Ko". They also noticed how much his Tagalog improved a lot.

But wait there's more!

4. Fumiya's secret special skill, revealed!

Ang cute mo lalo, Fumiya-san!💓

5. Fumiya is in love with the Philippines!

"When I'm asked why I love Philippines, of course there are great places," Fumiya said. "The ocean and the beaches are beautiful and a lot more places but I love the Filipinos the most."

He added, "There's a lot of Filipinos with different personalities but I really love how cheerful and positive they are!"

Aww! That explains FumiYam’s spiritual brotherhood! Aishiteru, Fumiya-san!

Which of Fumiya’s vlogs is your favorite?Tell us in the comments below.

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