Relive Claudine and Rico’s romance in this 'Got 2 Believe’ supercut!

Claudine-Rico is still a love team to beat!

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño

Relive Claudine and Rico’s romance in this 'Got 2 Believe’ supercut!

The Olivia Lamasan hit romance-comedy movie "Got 2 Believe" starring then power couple Claudine Barretto and the late Rico Yan marked its 17th anniversary this year. Released in 2002, the movie definitely set the standard of romantic-comedies in Philippine cinema.

"I have often been told that the beat and energy of that film helped shape and influence the rom-com story-telling that we have today," Direk Olive said.

"Got 2 Believe" revolves arounf Toni (Claudine Barretto), a wedding coordinator who's scared of being an old maid and Lorenz (Rico Yan), a photographer who avoids lifelong committments like the plague but soon discovered what love has in store for them.

And in case you haven't watch this film yet, here is its 22-minute supercut to give you the magic of romance:

Also in the movie are Dominic Ochoa, Nikki Valdez, Vhong Navarro, Carlo Munoz, Noel Trinidad, and more.

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