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COMPILED: Korean lookalikes of Angel, Liza, Kisses + more

JM de Guzman, papasang Korean idol?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin
- 3/27/2019 in Photos

Aside from being world-class talents, Filipino celebrities are known for their beauty.

The kind that is fresh, simple, yet extremely charming, just like most of our favorite Korean idols. And admit it or not, we can spend our whole day listening to their songs, watching their performances, and admiring how perfect their OOTDs are.

And here on starcinema.com.ph. we compiled some of our local artists who have the same vibe and could pass as siblings or twins of these Korean superstars.

Check the gallery above to know which local celebrities made it to the list:

Catch JM de Guzman together with Arci Munoz in "Last Fool Show" on April 10 in cinemas nationwide.

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