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'PBB Otso': Apey, umiyak dahil kay Fumiya

"PBB Otso" ex-housemates, lalong tumaas ang respeto kay Fumiya

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño

3/27/2019 in News
'PBB Otso': Apey, umiyak dahil kay Fumiya

Fumiya Sankai once again earned the respect of his former co-housemates.

In a recent episode of "Pinoy Big Brother Otso", the Konichi-Wonder Vlogger of Japan faced a series of intriguing questions courtesy of the evicted housemates Tori Garcia, Abi Kassem, Mitch Talao, Mary Grace Lagos, Wakim Regalado, and Mark and Apey Obera.

When asked about his honesty and sincerity towards Wakim, Fumiya said, "I'm honest [with you]. It's hard for me to say [what I want to say] to you directly. I know you and I am afraid for us to have a misunderstanding, but I trust you."

And among the ex-housemates, Fumiya admitted that it was Apey whom he wants to return and be part of them again.

"When she left the house, I feel my puso is butas ng konti," he confessed. "I feel love. Pero not the girlfriend love. Pero I was very shocked talaga. Kasi the next day wala si Apey. It was the hardest for me."

Because of his answers, his former housemates praised him again.

"Alam niyo totoo talaga mga sinasabi niya," Mary Grace reacted.

To which Tori replied with, "I respected him talaga, even more now."

"Nung lumabas talaga ako, na-miss ko rin siya," Apey added tearfully.

You really are something else, Fumiya!

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