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Andre Brouillette, nag-sorry kay Abi Kassem

Ex "PBB Otso" housemate Abi Kassem, na-depress dahil kay Andre Brouillette

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/27/2019 in News
Andre Brouillette, nag-sorry kay Abi Kassem

Andre Brouillette was put in hot water on a recent episode of "Pinoy Big Brother Otso" for the segment Tapatan with Ex-Housemates.

The evicted housemates such as Abi Kassem, siblings Apey and Mark Obera, Wakim Regalado, Mitch Talao, Mary Grace Lagos, and more were asked to throw controversial questions to the remaining housemates.

One question that the Amazing Alo-Hunk of Hawaii had to deal with was the misinterpretation issue between him and Abi.

Last January, Abi admitted being jealous towards Andre and Lou Yanong's closeness and also confessed her feelings for him.

"Why do you sugarcoat what you say so much that it confuses the others, leads them to misinterpretation?" Abi asked. "And tends to make them suffer and go through depression just like me, who misunderstood your statement that 'just know that it's mutual understanding'".

"I don't mean it in a way to make that person sad or confused," Andre explained to Abi. "Life in here is totally different than the outside. So I don't mean to make anybody depressed by the things I say. I'm trying to be a genuine person."

He continued, "If I made you depressed in a way, I am honestly, from the bottom of my heart, apologetic. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you depressed."

Andre also addressed his intention towards Lou and explained to his former co-housemates their actions that led to the controversial kiss.

"I realized that we (Lou) need to take a step back. Me and Lou, we like each other a lot," Andre said. "Making a limit to things is a difficulty. I failed to make my limits with Lou."

In the end, Andre assured everyone that he will continue to take full responsibility of his actions as a housemate.

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