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LOOK: 'A Walk to Remember' stars Mandy Moore and Shane West reunite!

Mandy Moore finally gets her star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

3/26/2019 in News
LOOK: 'A Walk to Remember' stars Mandy Moore and Shane West reunite!

"A Walk to Remember" co-stars Mandy Moore and Shane West reunited for the actress' Hollywood Walk of Fame star unveiling last March 25, and it was a sight your early 2000's heart could only dream of.

Shane stood in the platform to honor Mandy for her Hollywood Boulevard star, telling the audience, "We couldn't have been more opposite when we met. I was busy wearing ill-advised clothes and having dubious hair choices and wearing eyeliner in my garage punk bad or whatever that was and you were killing it on the pop star scene and you had very long, beautiful blonde hair at that time...so apparently, our director Adam Shankman, for 'A Walk to Remember' decided hey, why not? Let's put the two opposites attract together. I'm glad he did. Not only was this film a wonderful experience in every way, but it also gave me the chance to fall for this fantastic woman."

He continued, "Mandy, you're a gem. Your smile is ridiculous, seriously, it's ridiculous, it lights up a room. When you walk in, your energy is irresistible and your heart is second to none. I always knew you were incredibly talented and I always knew you were going to go on to do big and amazing things and you have. Here you are, about to be immortalized in Hollywood Boulevard. Hopefully, no one pees on it. But you're about to be immortalized in Hollywood in general and I couldn't be more proud of you, I couldn't be more happy for you. I love you."

Shane also surprised his former on-screen leading lady with a photo of them on the final day of their "A Walk to Remember" shoot, walking with their arms together.

"A Walk to Remember" is a pop culture icon, released back in 2002 and making us all cry in every rewatch, every year since because we don't need! A reason! to be angry with God!



Congratulations on your star, Mandy!

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