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5 'PBB' housemates who found love inside (kahit may jowa sila sa labas)

Proving yet again that you can never be TOO taken when you're a "PBB" housemate

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/26/2019 in News
5 'PBB' housemates who found love inside (kahit may jowa sila sa labas)

We've had some interesting displays of "gray area" love stories in all the seasons of "Pinoy Big Brother." We've watched people whose relationships outside Kuya's house were jeopardized when they developed feelings for fellow housemates, and while it's heartbreaking for all parties involved, it is quite entertaining for the rest of us watching from Kuya's cameras. See our list here:

1. Bianca Gonzalez and Zanjoe Marudo

Bianca Gonzalez caused quite the controversy back in "Pinoy Big Brother's" first Celebrity Edition back in 2006 when she fell for her then-fellow housemate Zanjoe Marudo. The ringer: she was in a relationship with director Lino Cayetano. What ensued is large amounts of bashing and seven-minute hugs.

Both Bianca and Zanjoe put this issue behind them though. She's now happily married with kids to basketball player JC Intal while Zanjoe embarked on a string of high-profile romances. He's currently dating surfer gal Josie Prendergast.

2. Andre Brouillette and Abi Kassem

Andre has had his share of controversies during his stay in Kuya's famous yellow house, one of them being his explosive first kiss with Lou Yanong which pretty much broke the internet. But back in January, the "PBB: Otso" housemate grew close to another girl: Abi, who at that time, was in a relationship with a man in the outside world.

Andre did the boyfriend a solid, though. He shut down the attraction with, "I guess my advice is don't make any decisions too quick. And we know the right decision. And I believe the right decision is being faithful.”


3. Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza

Another internet-breaking romance: KarJon, who started a moral dilemma for netizens when they started developing feelings for each other while Karina's was in a three-year relationship with a guy she started dating in high school. Karina eventually broke it off with her boyfriend and is taking time off relationships to find herself. Wise girl.

4. Vickie Rushton and Daniel Matsunaga

During her stint as a housemate in the Kuya's "All In" season, Vickie opened the doors to her relationship to long-time boyfriend Jason Abalos. Apparently, things had gone sour and "boring" between them at that time. She started developing a "thing" for her fellow housemate Daniel. Nothing came of it, though and here's the silver lining: Vickie and Jason are still happily together!

5. Dawn Chang and Zeus Collins

After these two developed feelings for each other during their stay as "737" housemates, Zeus dropped a major bomb: he apparently had a secret non-showbiz girlfriend whose existence he hid on his manager's instructions. However, it doesn't erase the fact that Dawn also had a relationship of her own. A heartbreaking, tear-soaked mess ensued.

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