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Cristine Reyes confirms split from husband: ‘We’re civil’

Cristine finally opens up about separation from husband

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

3/23/2019 in News
Cristine Reyes confirms split from husband: ‘We’re civil’

Cristine Reyes has been fielding questions about her controversial separation from husband Ali Khatibi for more than a year now, but in an interview on ANC’s “Headstart” yesterday, March 22, the actress has finally opened up about the state of her marriage.

She pretty much confirmed all the rumors, saying, “Ideally, it shouldn’t end, but it depends on the circumstances. But for me, if you’re not happy, you should do something about it.”

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And yes, although their marriage might’ve ended, they’re doing a gorgeous job co-parenting. Cristine revealed, “We’re civil. We’re in good terms, especially with things we have to do when it comes to Amarah.”

First reports that Cristine and Ali's marriage was on the rocks started back in January 2018, and have persisted since. She unfollowed her husband on Instagram last May and in October, she dropped his last name on Instagram. They were last seen together during the holidays when they attended a Christmas party with their daughter.

Cristine starred alongside the legendary Aga Muhlach, Dingdong Dantes, and Enrique Gil in Cathy Garcia-Molina's 2017 blockbuster family drama, "Seven Sundays".

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