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Bailey May, wala ng feelings kay Ylona Garcia?!

Bailey: "People change."

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

3/12/2019 in News
Bailey May, wala ng feelings kay Ylona Garcia?!

Bailey May has opened up about his relationship with former on-screen partner Ylona Garcia .

The two had a very public disagreement about an undiscussed matter last year which led to Bailey unfollowing Ylona on Instagram. However, all that noise seems to be in the past for the pair, and they appear to have made up. He explained, "It was just a massive misunderstanding."

"It wasn't anything bad," he added, "[I unfollowed her because] I don't know, I think I was young. This was only a year ago, but I learned quite a lot from that. I was just reacting to things people said. I didn't have any other, legit information."

Although he kept mum about the final push that prompted the "online breakup", Bailey candidly revealed that he had "expectations" about their former relationship.

He said, "Wala naman kaming status before, but I was expecting something. I was going to [ask her]. [I just assumed]. I was young. I expected that she liked me back. I'd realized that I made a mistake by rushing into a conclusion so I just followed her back. Wala akong masamang nararamdaman na masamang tao sa isang mundo. I said sorry, she said sorry, we fixed everything, everything's in the past now. Magkaibigan na kami."

The international performer also mentioned that he's focusing all his energy on being a Now United member, and that his feelings for Ylona have taken a back seat.

He pressed, "People change, that's true, you can't deny that."

Ylona spent some time with Bailey yesterday, March 11. The two had some fun in an arcade, as we saw on the former's Instagram Stories. 

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