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Life Update: What's going on with Diego Loyzaga?

If you miss Diego Loyzaga as much as we do, then this update is for you

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

2/7/2019 in News
Life Update: What's going on with Diego Loyzaga?

Have you been missing Diego Loyzaga?

If your answer is yes (and it definitely is for us), then today is your lucky day. Diego has pulled back from the spotlight ever since he made his exit from the hit television series "Los Bastardos" back in November 2018. He's also temporarily abandoned his Instagram but is largely active on Twitter.

So what has Diego been up to?

It seems as though he's been spending a lot of time traveling with his family. He was pictured in Milan, Italy with his mother Teresa Loyzaga on January 26.




Another silver lining: it seems as though he's been keeping active if this sweaty photo is any indication. Side note, ang gwapo niya pa rin po? So handsome! <3



He also had a me-day, getting his hair done back on January 23.



There's no word yet on whether Diego is planning to make a big showbiz comeback but you best believe we're patiently waiting for an announcement. He was part of the ensemble cast of the 2017 horror-thriller "Bloody Crayons." He also made a brief appearance in the Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil blockbuster hit "My Ex and Whys".

Watch videos of Diego here:

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