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LizQuen on meeting up with an ex: 'It's not a sin'

Enrique: "'Pag 'yung ex mo 'yung great love mo, anong gagawin mo?"

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño

2/4/2019 in News
LizQuen on meeting up with an ex: 'It's not a sin'

In "Alone/Together," Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil play college lovers who drifted apart and met up years after - even though they already have different partners.

The Black Sheep-produced film tackles the "what ifs" of Christine and Raf's failed relationship, and both Liza and Enrique voiced their opinions on two exes meeting up at the "Alone/Together" media fair last night, February 3.

"'Pag 'yung ex mo 'yung great love, anong gagawin mo? Mahirap 'yun eh. Hindi lang ex 'yun," Enrique emphasized. "You know your great love might not always be your right love but she's still your great love. If you've learned from your what if before, are you gonna let it pass again?"

Meanwhile, Liza believed that meeting up with an old flame isn't technically wrong, but the reason behind the reunion should be made very clear.

"I can't say that...  there really is no problem with that but it depends on the context I guess," she said. "It depends on the situation. I am not saying that it's okay to go behind the back of your partner. I guess if you're not really doing anything wrong with your ex and if you have a good ending, to the point na friends kayo, I think why not. I don't think it's a sin."

"Alone/Together" is written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone, and will premiere on February 13.

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