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Claudine, hospitalized; reconciles with Gretchen!

Claudine: "My ate Gretchen has been taking care of me."

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

2/23/2019 in News
Claudine, hospitalized; reconciles with Gretchen!

After a controversy-filled few months, sisters Claudine Barretto and Gretchen Barretto have reconciled!

Claudine, who has been hospitalized at St. Luke's Medical Center for an undisclosed emergency, shared two updates on her Instagram last night, February 22, both of which shed light on her sister's support and kindness through her illness.

She wrote, "Been here a few days now. My ate Gretchen Barretto has been taking care of me. Since she couldn’t accompany me today she bought me this, so when it's time for her to go home I can hug this so I won't miss her too much and won't be scared."

She added, "I started my MRI at 2 PM and lasted for more than three hours. Thank you and I love you. See you tomorrow."



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Gretchen also sent Claudine some food to make her stay in the hospital more comfortable!



Don't you love it when family comes together? <3 

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Claudine last appeared in 2015's "Etiquette for Mistresses". 

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