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MUST READ: “Along España”, the KathNiel social serye that broke the internet

"Along España" writer Gwy Saludes on getting a nod from Kathryn Bernardo: “Her video message motivated me to continue writing and exploring.”

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

2/19/2019 in News
MUST READ: “Along España”, the KathNiel social serye that broke the internet

Fanfiction has always been a place of freedom for extremely talented writers to show their love for the famous. It’s a well-loved and often underrated craft, but sometimes we get a series so well-made that it captures the hearts of people everywhere, even those outside a fandom. Such is the case for the immensely popular “Along España”, a social serye about Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla which dropped last February 10 and pretty much, and this is not an exaggeration, broke Twitter.

Posted by user @frostfambam and written by fandom favorite Gwy Saludes, “Along España” tells the story of Thomasian hottie Red and Lasallian vlogger Avery, “medyo” exes who separated on (ahem) bad terms only to be brought back together by a research project. It’s a story of true love, hilarious group chats, the horrors of ghosting (kahit ano pang rason! Gigil kami sa’yo, Red), and parinigan in vlogs that had us hooked from the first “dapits” group text screenshot. If we’re being honest: it’s the university AU we all deserve and if you don’t believe us, you can discover its magic for yourself right here:



Here are some of our favorite parts:



































According to writer Gwy, she took inspiration from her own life as a student at the University of Santo Tomas. She told us in an exclusive interview, “I got the inspiration from our research subject. We’re currently gathering data from social media influencers and sending e-mails [and it] inspired me to write a love story about it where Thomasians could enjoy and relate.”

And enjoy and relate they did! To give you the full scope of “Along España’s” popularity, here’s a ringer: even Kathryn discovered the series and she, like the rest of us, was obsessed. One of her best friends, “The Hows of Us” co-star Juan Miguel Severo shared a video of Kathryn’s reaction on Twitter.



“Naaliw ako doon, thank you! Thank you and excited na ako na mabasa pa ‘yung next na mangyayari so good luck and galingan mo!” the actress told Gwy.

Kathryn’s message was a big motivational push for the writer, who told us, “Last month, I was questioning my capability to write. Kathryn’s video message motivated me to continue writing and exploring. Hindi niya siguro alam pero sobra-sobra ‘yung epekto niya sa akin kahit sa simpleng ganoon lang. I love her. Isa siya sa mga inspirasyon ko. Thank you so much kay Juan Miguel Severo. He really knows how to motivate a writer.”

Show Gwy some love on Twitter @gwyomi and don’t forget to drop a like (and all the retweets) on “Along España” because we promise you, it’s well worth the hype!

Kathryn and Daniel’s latest big screen outing together was in the record-breaking blockbuster hit “The Hows of Us”, released back in 2018 and directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina. Kathryn also appeared in another Direk Cathy classic, the family drama “Three Words to Forever” which also starred Sharon Cuneta and Richard Gomez.

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