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LOOK: Kisses Delavin brings hope to the 'unheard'

"I hope that someday you'd find that person who wants to listen to you..."

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

2/13/2019 in News
LOOK: Kisses Delavin brings hope to the 'unheard'

Kisses Delavin's generosity with her love knows no bounds.

The "Pinoy Big Brother" sweetheart-turned-actress took to Instagram yesterday, February 12, to bring hope to people who feel as though nobody loves them enough to listen to their highs, lows, and passions.

She wrote, "Dear you, whose eyes light up as you tell a story about something you're really excited about, I've seen that you've learned to lower your voice every time you feel there's no one paying attention."

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She continued, "You're used to it, changing the topic because the person never listens and is bored every time, but you still try. I hope you never believe that it's what you deserve. It's not a perfect world, but I can hope. I hope that someday you'd find that person who wants to listen to you, not because it's polite to listen when people talk, but because they love you with every beat of their heart and you'd never have to worry a single day in your life if your stories are worth listening to.



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It's not the first time Kisses has exhibited kindness to complete strangers. According to her on-screen partner Donny Pangilinan, Kisses' heart is full of compassion.

"Nakikita mo talaga na si Kisses, hindi siya of this world. In a good way," he said on "Gandang Gabi Vice" back in October, "Ganyan talaga siya sa mga tao, eh, kahit hindi niya kilala tatanungin niya 'Kumain ka na ba?', 'Kumain na ba kayo?', 'Okay lang ba kayo?'"

Kisses previously appeared in the 2017 rom-com "Loving in Tandem" topbilled by Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber. Her first film with Donny, the millennial film "Walwal" was released in 2018. They also starred in the Vice Ganda-led "Fantastica" which was Star Cinema's official entry to the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival.

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