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Ria Atayde, kakaiba ang Valentine's tradition?

Ria doesn't need a man to enjoy Valentine's Day ❤️️

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/12/2019 in News
Ria Atayde, kakaiba ang Valentine's tradition?

Ria Atayde has a very different Valentine's Day tradition from all of us.

Instead of spending it with just one ~special~ person, Ria and her childhood friends come together and pull off surprises for each other. This year, they are happily celebrating their 12th Valentine's as a squad.



According to Ria's post yesterday, February 11th, this tradition first started with a Valentine lunch invitation, which she sent out from 2007. 

"Let's be one another's Prince Charming," she wrote on the letter. 



Things escalated throughout the years that their lunch dates became a whole day, then an entire week. They would make an effort each year to surprise one another and make them all feel loved! 



Don't you just wish to be part of her squad? <3

Ria was part of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla's blockbuster movie "The Hows of Us."

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