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#JOYisHere: 5 heartwarming moments from the 'Hello, Love, Goodbye' cast’s surprise for an OFW family!

The “Hello, Love, Goodbye” barkada surprised an OFW’s family in Cavite! Here’s how it went down:

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

12/7/2019 in News
#JOYisHere: 5 heartwarming moments from the 'Hello, Love, Goodbye' cast’s surprise for an OFW family!

Reuniting for a fun and heartwarming mission, the “Hello, Love, Goodbye” cast members Kakai Bautista, Joross Gamboa, Lovely Abella, and Jeff Tam gave the gift of joy to Baby De Guzman an OFW from Hong Kong, and her family in Cavite, Philippines!

We saw the entire surprise visit unfold in a video Star Cinema recently uploaded on its Youtube channel. Here, we listed down five of its most heartwarming moments:

1. When we saw them jump from so much joy


The mere arrival of the cast members was already enough to get Baby's family all excited, even without knowing just yet what's in store for them.

2. When the "Hello, Love, Goodbye" barkada handed out the gifts

Christmas was truly in the air at the De Guzman home when the the celebs brought out their gifts for the family — and that wasn’t even the biggest surprise they had!

3. When we saw their big, genuine smiles


Nothing is more precious than seeing genuine smiles from your loved ones and that’s exactly what we saw at the De Guzman house! Baby must have been so happy to watch her family be showered with love and gifts.

4. When the family shed tears as they watched Baby’s message for them!


We couldn’t help but shed a tear too when we found out about Baby’s journey — how she’s continuously sacrificed for her family’s future — as an OFW in Hong Kong.

5. When Baby said her Christmas wish has been fulfilled


Baby’s Christmas wish was simple—to make her mom and her siblings happy this holiday season — and the “Hello, Love, Goodbye” barkada did just that for her!

Watch the entire video here:

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