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Meet the people behind the 'Unbreakable' characters’ looks!

These makeup artists and hairstylists gave life to the characters of Angelica, Bea, Richard, Ian, and Ms. Gloria in the movie!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

12/3/2019 in News
Meet the people behind the 'Unbreakable' characters’ looks!

"Unbreakable" gave us some of the most memorable movie looks we've seen in recent years!
Here's the thing: we actually found the glam team behind Angelica Panganiban, Bea Alonzo, Richard Gutierrez, Ian Veneracion, and Ms. Gloria Diaz's character looks, so we can all give our praise and thanks for the wonderful work they did to make “Unbreakable” a one-of-a-kind experience.
As we saw in the film, BFFs Deena (Angelica) and Mariel (Bea) had an aesthetically beautiful transition from kolehiyala chic to mature, working woman glam. 

Angelica had her three-person glam team, composed of Jyka Espinoza on makeup, and Raven Dizon and Apple Villacoba for hair, to thank for Deena’s “mafa-fall sa’yo si Ian Veneracion” look!

Meanwhile, Mariel’s au naturel polished vibe was all due to the creativity of Ting and Nikki Duque, who came up with her makeup looks, and Brent Sales and Ayu Manaog, who styled her hair.


Richard, who played the character Justin, was never not handsome during the entire movie. He was consistently leading man gorgeous, be it during his wedding with Mariel or simply chilling by the beach. His makeup artist Adora Regala did a spectacular job on effortlessly making Justin eye candy. 

Ian, who was perfect for the role of Bene, Deena’s love interest, had Charito Acosta to thank for making him look like the polished, dignified, older man we all want to marry. 

And of course, Mama Helen, who was brought to life by the legendary Gloria Diaz, wouldn't be the perfectly intimidating matriarchal figure without the help of her makeup artist Gerard Bunyi's magic touch.

Show some love to the talented people who helped create these “Unbreakable” characters in the comments section! 
Helmed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, "Unbreakable" is now showing in 250 cinemas nationwide!  
Watch the trailer here:

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