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Fumiya Sankai, to undergo lung operation in Japan

Fumiya: “Sana it's going to be okay.”

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

12/11/2019 in News
Fumiya Sankai, to undergo lung operation in Japan

Fumiya Sankai is slated to undergo a lung operation in Japan.

In his latest vlog, uploaded yesterday, December 10, Fumiya opened up about his condition and revealed that his doctors have discovered a hole in his right lung. 

He said, “My lungs has butas. Kanina, I was talking with doctor and then he said I have a hole. That's why they will cut my lungs then they will remove the butas from my lungs.”

One sad thing kasi, the left side also, mayroong something that's why mayroong possibility may butas in my left lung. Baka my lungs is like that talaga? Pero now, I will focus sa operation on the right side," he added.

Fumiya further thanked his fans for their continuous support, saying, "I will do my best. Laban 'di ba? And thank you so much for commenting. I saw your comments, and then I got energy from you guys, thank you so much. Maraming salamat po," 

"Sana it's going to be okay. Thank you," he ended.

Watch the full vlog here:

Fumiya first rose to fame as a housemate of “Pinoy Big Brother: Otso.” He is now a part of “Home Sweetie Home: Extra Sweet.” He recently released a Christmas single under Star Music.

Get well soon, Fumiya! 

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